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      What is FUE?

      A natural and permanent hair loss solution, Using minimally invasive techniques to eliminate male hair baldness and female hair loss. This does not require stitches and will not leave you with any visible scarring. Contact Regency Hair Clinic to have your specific questions answered today


      The cost will be dependent on the treatment course that is right for you. We are open to working with you to find the most affordable option for you. Care Credit is also accepted for your convenience.


      No cost In person consultations with Dr. Aziz and our professional staff are available. Daytime, evening, and virtual appointments for your convenience. Call to set your appointment up.

      What are the steps?

      The first thing we will do is set up a no-obligation professional consultation. We will listen to your goals and come up with the best plan. We will answer all of your questions regarding all of the procedures as well as the cost. Once we have come to a mutual agreement we will schedule the procedures. Some can be started as early as the same day.

      How soon can I schedule?

      Once we have answered all your questions and are in agreement with your hair restoration plan we will schedule. Certain procedures may be available to begin the same day or shortly after the consultation.

      Financing options

      We will work with you to make hair restoration as affordable as possible. You may make payments towards your hair restoration with the balance being paid the day of the procedure and we also accept multiple payment types including Care Credit.

      What additional treatment options are there?

      FUE hair transplantation, PRP, medications, specialty shampoos, conditioner, elixirs or a combination of several treatments.

      Why choose Regency?

      Safest and most trusted hair graft solution conveniently located in Barrington, IL. Dr. Aziz is a well-known and sought after physician and he hand picked his hair restoration team to ensure you will have the most proficient, professional, and caring people working with you on your journey to hair you love.

      Will transplanted hair fall out?

      The transplanted hair will not fall out and we will work on a regimen for you to keep your remaining hair.

      What is the downtime?

      There is little downtime. Depending on the treatment option the specifics will vary and we will go over them in great detail during your consultation.

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